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Sensics Smart Goggles put your head in the game

January 10, 2012 | Hogan Keyser

January 9, 2012 by David Pierce via -- Pepcom's the perfect place to find things you might not hear about otherwise -- like Sensics' Smart Goggles, which we got a chance to play with tonight. The Smart Goggles are basically an insanely heavy helmet containing a heads-up display that runs Android (Android 4.0, to be exact, though we're not sure if that really matters) -- it's kind of like the virtual reality helmets many of us played with as a kid at science museums, with a few 21st-century upgrades. You can run regular Android apps inside the device, and pair it with a smartphone or wireless controller, but where the Smart Goggles really get fun is gaming. Sensics developed a test game for the Smart Goggles that turns you into a robot, traipsing through a city. As you walk around and press a button, the robot punches; jump, and your robot jumps as well. The gadget works 360 degrees and is fully 3D, making for an impressively immersive gaming experience as you walk around.

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