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Business Octane launches world's first immersive TeleAllpresence experience

June 3, 2011 | Howard Lichtman
Introducing a multi location virtual meeting experience which is first time better than face to face meetings

New Delhi, May 31, 2011 - Business Octane (, an Enterprise Collaboration & Learning Accelerator Solution provider today launched "Immersive TeleAllpresence", a revolutionary new paradigm of business interaction for management and leadership teams across multiple locations  that is game changing  and will give any enterprise a  strategic competitive advantage by helping to become more nimble and agile in this fast changing & ultra competitive business world.

It enables an unprecedented real-time, on demand, highest quality true-to-life get together of 18 to 600 participants across 3 to 40 locations simultaneously which till now could not be done both effectively and  frequently. In fact Business Octane's TeleAllpresence patent pending experience  is 50 to 100 times more effective than video teleconferences, 10 to 20 times more effective than legacy Telepresence experience and 3 to 10 times more effective than even face-to-face meetings.

Mr. Sanjay Bansal, Chairman of the Board & Managing Director, Business Octane, said, "Business Octane is building a strong foundation in the telepresence market and today we are very excited  to introduce the World's first TeleAllpresence solution. We have observed a great opportunity in the market today with traditional Telepresence solutions able to cater to only  the basic  enterprise need of connecting two locations only  , which    has hindered adoption of Telepresence  till now. However, with the emergence of Immersive TeleAllpresence platform the experience that was earlier available for two locations only is  now available for up to a  40 location simultaneous meeting without any compromise in the meeting experience, which the legacy Telepresence users had to suffer, which being a fundamental necessity for any enterprise  the adoption by the enterprises   will now grow exponentially."

He also added, "TeleAllpresence  would also be a paradigm shift in the way  ministerial heads can  get together with senior  government officials  across the country/state/district  to direct and review frequently and effectively with each other for unprecedented increase in the speed of implementation & execution of various Government projects ,schemes and laws."

Business Octane has launched seven new solutions based on Business Octane's TeleAllpresence which are available in two avatars namely  Immersive Group TeleAllpresence and  Immersive Dynamic TeleAllpresence suites.

 In Immersive Group TeleAllpresence  all participants see every participant at all locations at all times along with seeing automatically the speaking location which appears as if they are sitting right across the table, at all times with life size images, immersive stereo spatial audio, excellent eye contact and   high definition video. Immersive Group TeleAllpresence suites are available in models - CollaboratorHYPERALLMAX 9000 & CollaboratorHYPERALLMAX 6000  which connects up to 40 locations, with 6 to 15 meeting participants at each location and CollaboratorHYPERALLMAX 4000 which connects upto 17  locations with 6 to 15 participants at each location.  

 The other avatar which is  Immersive Dynamic TeleAllpresence suites provide you with the capability to  see each and every meeting participant from every location ,at all times; along with allowing any 2 to 5 adjoining participants from the speaking location  to take center stage at all connected locations.  Immersive Dynamic TeleAllpresence models are available in four  models - CollaboratorTURBOALLMAX 2200, CollaboratorTURBOALLMAX 2000 CollaboratorTURBOALLMAX -HS 2000, CollaboratorPOWERALLMAX 2000.

All this is made possible by Business Octane's revolutionary user interface TeleAllConnectWizard. It empowers users to connect instantly with multiple locations in multiple avatars of TeleAllpresence without any help and is even easier to use than a mobile phone. Even existing Telepresence and Video conferencing participants can also join TeleAllpresence sessions easily without compromising the experience of others.

Immersive TeleAllpresence will help enterprises become more nimble and agile  by empowering enterprises to:  arrive at effective decisions faster, faster implementation and execution of these decisions , quicken the time to market,  faster pace of innovation, Save senior management's valuable  time to seize new opportunities that are available for a short window of time and react faster to competitive and business environment changes.

About Business Octane:

Business Octane headquartered at Gurgaon, India, is an innovator in the domains of Enterprise Unified Collaboration and Learning. Business Octane's vision is "to become the world's most preferred Enterprise Productivity Enhancing Solution Provider in the realms of collaboration and learning, helping enterprises become more innovative, efficient and competitive so that they can grow faster and become more profitable".

All the solutions offered by Business Octane are designed as per its value philosophy PDTC (Passionate Difference to Customers) and design philosophy FAST (Functionality, Aesthetics, Simplicity Together) for giving its customers highest return on their investment.

For more information on Business Octane please visit,

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