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The Telepresence and Videoconferencing Catalog Continues to Expand

November 16, 2010 | Howard Lichtman
TP_Catalog_Nov_Preview.jpgWe continue to expand the Telepresence and Videoconferencing Catalog, the most comprehensive overview of visual collaboration solutions intelligently explained and organized on the Internet. The good folks over at Alexa who measure internet traffic tell us that visitors to the site have grew by 400% last month so obviously folks researching their telepresence and visual collaboration options enjoy a one-stop shop where they can browse, discover, and compare.

This month we have 5 new entries to the catalog including  Actis Telepresence Solutions, BCS Global Networks Limited, the Teliris InterACT TouchTable, the WHYGO Global Distribution Platform, and the WolfVision Ceiling Visualizer.

New Telepresence and Visual Collaboration Solutions in the Catalog This Month:

Actis_Preview.jpgActis Telepresence Solutions - Actis offers various Telepresence options like 3D, Eye-to-Eye and Multi-display Telepresence solutions. These solutions can be custom-built as per the client's requirements with add-ons like the interactive white board, document camera, collaboration monitor and more. Actis Telepresence solutions are completely inter-operable with standard based conferencing systems. Our solutions can be designed with a seating capacity of minimum 2 to a maximum of 18 participants and a range of seating layouts. Actis Telepresence solutions can also double up as Conference Rooms when the Telepresence systems are not in use.

BCS_Global_Net.jpgBCS Global Networks Limited is a leading worldwide provider of managed video conferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration services. BCS Global's innovative video conferencing and telepresence solutions enable real-time, interactive video collaboration allowing participants to connect seamlessly from their desktops, home offices, boardrooms or telepresence suites. BCS Global delivers reliable, secure and exceptional quality visual collaboration services resulting in enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, reduced costs and quick ROI. The company owns a fully deployed Global B2B Video Exchange, which enables users across the world to meet instantaneously regardless of their video system, network provider or type of connection.

Teliris_TT_Preview.jpgThe Teliris InterACT TouchTable is the only available multi-touch computing environment for telepresence that allows users to simultaneously share global content naturally and intuitively with multiple participants or locations. The multi-touch virtual table understands participant gestures and supports a wide variety of dynamic or static content including video, text, photos and audio files, without using a keyboard or mouse. This unique technology fundamentally changes the way participants interact and share content and is available as a 22″ table mount or as a two person interface embedded into a telepresence table segment.

WhyGo_Preview.jpgThe WHYGO Global Distribution Platform is one scheduling system to rule them all. Well that's the idea anyway. WHYGO, the world's largest online distributor of public video conferencing and Telepresence facilities has now expanded into the enterprise space with one single scheduling system for private and public facilities and desktop clients. That's right! Private AND public facilities. WHYGO can synchronize with most major calendar systems such as Outlook, iCal, Lotus Notes and all major mobile platforms in minutes. Whygo boasts the largest public network of videoconferencing and Telepresence facilities worldwide. Over 1/3rd have live availability and instant confirmations and the rest are serviced 24 hrs by 4 global operation centers to ensure you get the fastest and most efficient response.

Woldvision_Document_camera.jpgA WolfVision Ceiling Visualizer is the perfect accessory to any telepresence system. These cameras allow you to show live objects when you need to show something else besides a computer image. It is a true interactive tool for you to show every detail of a physical object, or simply for just drawing and sketching ideas on a piece of paper. They eliminate the need to send samples to offices overseas and help with real-time decision making. Having these cameras installed in the ceiling keeps the boardroom table free of any equipment. A lightfield is projected onto the boardroom table so you know exactly the pick-up area of the camera. This lightfield zooms in and out with the camera and allows for a crisp HD image with full motion and without any shadowing and a great depth of focus.

The Telepresence and Videoconferencing Catalog is the most comprehensive catalog of telepresence and visual collaboration solutions anywhere on the internet.  Solutions are intelligently organized into categories allowing end-users to easily discover products, companies, consultants, and services that they may have never knew existed.

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