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Sony's RayModeler - A 360-Degree 3-D Display that doesn't require Glasses

August 6, 2010 | Howard Lichtman
Sony_RayModeler.jpgSony has created a prototype cylindrical 3-D display that's 10 inches/27CM tall with a diameter of 5 inches/10cm .

The display produces a true 3-D image where a different proportionally-correct view is visible from each side of the display. There is even a gesture recognition sensor that allows you to turn the objects inside it to see them from all angles.

The RayModeler has a video input that is hooked up to a PC. The video data is supplied from the PC and used to render the object in the display. The image is generated by a graphics processor in real time.  The system can show both static and moving images. Moving images are achieved by an eight-camera array that captures live motion in 45-degree slices.

Sony_RayModeler_Capture.jpg Each slices is then married together and 360 different unique images are displayed in one degree intervals by an LED projection source. 

Sony_RayModeler_Images.jpgFor now, the 3-D display is a prototype but Sony is betting on a future in video games, museums and advertising. No word on the display's ability to scale for telepresence but I often describe the "Holy Grail" to be photo-realistic life-size representations of remote conferees that can be interacted with in real-time. Could Sony's multi-camera array and image processing & display software be a piece of that future?  Time will tell...

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