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August 31, 2010 | Chris Payatagool
Automated System Ensures Optimal Performance for Video Conferencing and Telepresence

DAYTON, OHIO - August 31, 2010 - Iformata Communications, the leading innovator of automated VNOC® tools, announces its VNOC Observer service for video conferencing and telepresence. Built to complement its VNOC Producer service, the two systems provide previously unattained automated conference monitoring, diagnostics, event correlation and management capabilities.

"VNOC Observer is a unique and innovative tool that helps ensure a consistent, high-quality experience for managed service customers," said Eric Adelman, Director VNOC Services, Polycom. "Problems are trended and identified before affecting the conference, enabling a swift proactive response to help preserve total customer satisfaction."

VNOC Observer ensures video systems perform at optimal quality, measuring and storing statistics of endpoints and infrastructure. Performance degradations are classified according to ITIL standards with automatic reactions according to predefined responses configured by an account manager. Numerous automated activities are customizable including notifications, reboots, resets, reconnections, on-screen messages, renegotiations, automatic switch-over facilities, ticket escalations, etc.

"Based on the needs of the organization, we define acceptable limits of packet loss, frame rate, resolution, jitter, etc. and place these values into VNOC Observer," said Scott Allen, Chief Executive of Iformata. "Using this approach, we establish several classes of performance criteria. When any of these classes are triggered by comparison or deviation, automatic activities are executed according to the process desired by that organization. This support model is entirely unique and unparalleled in this industry. For example, an account manager may easily build a process that automatically sweeps video rooms during off hours, monitors for problems, opens tickets automatically, resets devices based on deviant conditions, and reconnects sites, all based on rules scripting, even closing the tickets when issues are remediated automatically."

Tolerance thresholds may be heightened or relaxed by an account manager at any time through a control panel, applying service definitions to systems, groups of systems, or an entire organization. Up to 75 metrics are monitored in real time for infrastructure and video endpoints, including video frame rate, negotiated audio and video protocols, overall bit rate, audio and video packet loss, mute status, and many other indicators. For example, if two HD endpoints negotiate less than 720p resolution, VNOC Observer identifies this fault upon conference setup, and if programmed to do so, will reconnect the locations and re-validate the preferred resolution. As another example, if two endpoints negotiate a low frame rate or an unacceptable audio or video protocol, VNOC Observer flags this problem upon conference connection and forces a renegotiation of acceptable parameters, noting the issue in a ticket log for reporting purposes.

VNOC Observer and VNOC Producer are part of the VNOC SymphonyTM platform of tools and services, and are accessed through any of the VNOC Symphony ubiquitous user interfaces, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Apple's iPhone and iPad devices, web interfaces, IVR interfaces, and others. In operation, VNOC Producer executes requests from any VNOC Symphony interface while governing the transaction according to a flexible process environment, managing both infrastructure and endpoints. In parallel, VNOC Observer collects device statistics for comprehensive performance oversight, providing automated event correlation based upon predefined activities.

Together VNOC Observer and VNOC Producer provide numerous capabilities to a company's fleet of video systems, including call setup, call monitoring, call teardown, pre- and post- meeting messaging, in-meeting messaging, video framing, custom triggered messaging, in- progress meeting modification and reframing, automated ticket creation, performance tracking, automated site sweeping, and many other functions

VNOC Observer and VNOC Producer, as part of the VNOC Symphony platform, provide the first ubiquitous toolsets in the industry to offer fully automated VNOC services to organizations, regardless of their size. The VNOC Symphony platform supports sole or mixed endpoints by Tandberg, Polycom and LifeSize, and it supports infrastructure by Tandberg and Polycom, managing port availability across multiple MCUs and making resource allocation transparent to user requests.

The VNOC Symphony platform and its associated tools are available through Iformata channels and partners.

About Iformata Communications

Iformata Communications is the leading innovator of ubiquitous VNOC tools and end-to-end automation through its VNOC Symphony platform. Iformata is also the provider of choice for global enterprise firms, equipment manufacturers, and top-tier carriers for cloud based managed service offerings. With a customer base touching every continent, Iformata's wide range of managed service options give customers an unparalleled range of service models to support their ever changing video management needs. With U.S. based offices in
Ohio and Virginia, Mumbai and Bangalore, India along with Stavanger, Norway. Iformata is the industry's longest-serving provider of managed services and video network operations. Through international peering relationships with major providers and other VNOC suppliers, Iformata's Telepresence Exchange® is a leading video communications network connecting global Fortune 500 firms within a highly managed architecture.

For more information, please visit or call +1.937.832.6957.

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