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Accenture's Telepresence Network: Connected to 31 Companies, 600 Rooms, and almost 2MM business users

October 12, 2009 | Howard Lichtman
The article below sums up the best example to date of the #1 strategy we advise our telepresence consulting clients: Start with this end-goal in mind: Develop the ability to connect with the greatest number of partners, vendors, and customers at the greatest possible quality, now and in the future. 

CIO Priorities: Accenture
by Narayanan Raman  Via Sramana

Frank_Modruson.jpgThe 'CIO Priorities' series attempts to gain insights into one of the most serious, interesting, and challenging questions facing the technology industry, which, as you might have rightly guessed, is "What are the priorities of enterprise CIOs today?" This question is serious given the constrained nature of cash flows, thanks to the economic meltdown. It is interesting because the industry is seeing a whole new wave of technological focus in the form of virtualization, cloud computing, and the like. Finally, it is a challenging question as it has no one answer given the unique circumstances in CIOs today find themselves.

In this series, I shall be summarizing my conversations with the CIOs of leading enterprises and discussing their priorities through separate articles. I decided to start with technology-focused consulting companies, because it is through these companies that we can obtain insights into both the priorities of their internal IT as well as the priorities of their clients through each company's consulting lens. In this article, I talk with Frank Modruson, the CIO of Accenture.

Frank categorizes his priorities into two camps: effectiveness and efficiency. According to Frank, effectiveness is about starting and doing something game-changing, while efficiency is about doing things efficiently in terms of cost and scale. Companies usually try to strive for efficiency at the start, and then get to effectiveness because the efficiency quest focuses directly on cost, and hence its impact on the bottom line is seen more quickly. Effectiveness requires initial spending into something game-changing, where one realizes gains later in time, but saves more on a net basis.

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