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The Telanetix Ultimate Home Office and Update and Interview with Sales VP J.D. Vaughn

October 15, 2008 | Chris Payatagool
The Telanetix Ultimate Home Office and Update
    by Howard S. Lichtman, President - Human Productivity Lab

I had a chance to catch up with Telanetix at a literal "Open House" in Alexandria, VA.  When I say "Open House" I do mean "Open House".  Vectus Media, a systems integration firm and Telanetix partner, has set up a four screen Telanetix Digital Presence system in the home office of their Director of Technology, Frank Damino.

Telanetix Alexandria Open House2.jpg
The Human Productivity Lab's Chris Payatagool and Howard Lichtman in a self view of the office with Gerald Tozin and Frank Damiano from Vectus Media

The system is located on the 2nd floor of Frank's very modern Old Town Alexandria condo across the stairway which takes you up to the 2nd floor.  The system and the fractional T3 line that supports it gives Frank some high-end communications capabilities and gives Vectus Media and Telanetix a very cool demonstration facility for Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

We also met with Robert Leggio, the General Manager of Telanetix' Video Division and got an update on the company.  Executive Summary: Sales are up, demonstraion centers have opened around the world, and the company has ramped up its sales and marketing efforts bringing on videoconferencing industry veterans including: J.D. Vaughn, Vice President of Worldwide Video Sales: Brice Drogosch, Western Vice Regional Vice President of Video Sales; Steve Parrish, Eastern Region Vice President of Video Sales; and Linda Bickelman, Director of Channel Development

Gerald Tozin, Founder and President of Vectus Media, told me how well received the Telanetix offering has been in the market.  "The capabilities and price point are right for organizations that need telepresence but can't afford Cisco and Polycom" To underscore his point a senior technologist from Howard University stopped by to get the demo while we were wrapping up. 

Telanetix Alexandria Open House1.jpg
The HPL's John Serrao Talks with Robert Leggio, GM of the Telanetix Video Division

An Interview with Telanetix VP Of Sales J.D. Vaughn

   From The Telepresence and Videoconferencing Insight Newsletter

Thumbnail image for telanetix_300x87px.jpgJ.D. Vaughn tells us why customers are appreciating the value and flexibility of Telanetix Telepresence solutions

JD Vaughn is well known in the videoconferencing industry and his decision to join Telanetix confirms they have an attractive Telepresence product. Prior to joining Telanetix, JD was at Accord Networks and Polycom. At Accord, he focused on distribution and sales and led sales growth from startup to $60 MM in 28 months, leading to an IPO and eventual acquisition by Polycom. At Polycom, J.D. served as vice president of sales for The Americas and was responsible for $180 million revenue. Prior to joining Accord Networks J.D. held senior sales positions with AT&T, PictureTel, and VideoServer. Now he is building yet one more strong sales organisation, this time for Telanetix.

Editor: JD ... tell us why did you join Telanetix?

JD: Telanetix has a new and improved Telepresence product and I felt we could get significant traction in the market with it. Telanetix is an innovative company and they have a determination to succeed in the Telepresence market.

Editor: What does the Telanetix Telepresence product offer?

JD: Digital Presence offers value and flexibility. Our Meeting Room solution offers four large screens and our Executive solution for a single office offers two screens. We provide outstanding quality ranging from very good SD all the way to High Definition video quality at 720p; the proprietary software-based CODEC is very efficient; bandwidth can be throttled from 512K per screen all the way to 3-4 Mbs per screen; this will enable Telanetix to deliver 1080p with our next software upgrade due to be delivered remotely in Q1.

telanetix_executive.jpgThe "stand alone" Executive solution costs the customer $69,000 and the Meeting Room solution including furniture comes in at $169,000. So we ask our potential customers, "Why buy two $300,000 Telepresence systems when you can buy four Telanetix systems at the same price?"

For those interested in OEM kits versus fully deployed rooms, furniture, conference tables etc. Our 4 screen integration kits sell for $65,500, and the 2 screen OEM kits sell for $59,999.  We can handle 4 channels/monitors as easily as 2 channels/monitors. OEM kits used by integrators include HD Telepresence Codecs, dual monitor support, 9-way multipoint (4 screen) or 5-way multi-point (2 screen) with continuous presence, one button touch panel control. The kit and can be upgraded to include the multipoint immersive gateway (MIG) which allows interoperability to legacy video conferencing systems.

Second, the Telanetix approach to Telepresence is very flexible. Our solution can be configured for rooms that range from Executive Offices to large auditoriums, and our standard Meeting Room offering can also be used as a standard executive conference room when the Telepresence application is not activated.

We can install Telepresence in an existing meeting room. We can adjust the cameras to the lighting available or we can install ambient lighting. We can construct a Telepresence Room within a room if the customer requires it. What is important is to give the customer that immersive experience. Our audio and video quality is so good, that is what they get.

We are also flexible when it comes to including a legacy system in the conference. This partipant can be shown on screen 4 at standard definition whilst the center screens deliver Telepresence resolution. With this configuration, Telepresence quality is not sacrificed even when legacy systems are added to the conference.

Additionally, we're able to use a variety of inputs. Customer can not only present Powerpoint slides and other PC data, the solution can show a DVD of movies shot that day as an input. Our company founders were in the content delivery industry and the technology for Telepresence was developed so that film producers could share film content in real time over an IP network at remote locations.
Editor: In which verticals, have Telanetix Telepresence systems been deployed?

JD: We have a number of installations for the senior management of corporations and one big installation in the auto retail industry. We have several film-making customers who use it for casting as well as reviewing film edits.

Telanetix's medical industry products allow physicians to meet with patients in remote locations in a face-to-face environment with the ability to see all of the patient's medical data, such as ultrasounds, MRI results and x-rays, in real time and in full resolution; it is as if the patient and physician were in the same room.

Telanetix's financial configuration provides real-time financial and trading information from remote locations in addition to the Telepresence technology.

Editor: What kind of distribution has Telanetix established for Telepresence products?

JD: Telanetix delivers its products and services through a network of audio-video Channel Partners with 39 sales offices in the United States. These include: AVS and ADTECH in the North-East, Avidex in the west and Audio Visual Innovations in the SouthEast and Central Regions. There are regional demonstration centers in the Seattle, New Jersey, Dallas, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Southern California markets.

We have two partners in China, one in Australia and in Europe we have chosen Imago as our first channel partner. We are looking for representation in Germany, Spain and the Middle East.

Editor: How does one become a channel partner?

JD: Anyone interested can contact me directly at [email protected] .com. We will discuss the matter, make sure the vendor agrees to focus on our product, and reach an agreement and contract. They don't have to be exclusive to Telanetix; they can sell other high-end products from Cisco, TANDBERG or Polycom as well. They can lead with the very costly models and then migrate the end user customer to the more acceptable price points.

We are only looking for a limited number of resellers in each region because we want to be sure our resellers make money. We may eventually have 20-25 resellers worldwide. We want to build loyal relationships and we don't want to saturate the market with too many Telanetix resellers.

We support our resellers in the usual way with training, lunch and learn sessions and development kits. We also offer them a "pilot the system on us" deal. If they can find a large organization interested in evaluating Telanetix systems, we will install a pair of Meeting Rooms on a pilot basis free of charge. We are confident that the customer will not only want to keep them but also buy more units.

Editor: Do you see a demand to replace legacy videoconferencing systems with Telepresence?

JD: Yes indeed, we see this as a very promising market. We estimate there are approximately 7,000 media rooms with legacy systems in existence today among the Fortune 2000 companies.

We announced recently the launch of a new upgrade program to install full Telepresence functionality into existing videoconferencing rooms regardless of the existing hardware solution. Priced as low as $29,900 per location, implementation can save a company more than 80% of the cost of a typical upgrade to Telepresence.

Dubbed "Represence", the program will reduce the overall expense for a company wishing to deploy full Telepresence solutions to replace narrower bandwidth videoconferencing systems in integrated meeting rooms. It will extend the life expectancy of that room.

Many organizations have invested time, effort, and money to complete their media-enabled boardrooms, meeting rooms and training rooms; now they need Telepresence.

Editor: What is your goal in the new job?

JD: We are a maturing startup company. My goal is to help deliver extraordinary sales results and build extraordinary relationships with our partners so we may all benefit from the anticipated growth at Telanetix, and in the marketplace.

Editor: JD thanks for these valuable insights.

[via VCinsight]


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