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Multiview Video Conferencing Experience

April 28, 2008 | Chris Payatagool
multiviewlogo.jpgMultiView adds a new level of spatial fidelity to the many-to-many video conferencing experience by providing multiple views but giving each person in the conference the single unique and correct view of the remote side. This new level of spatial fidelity restores many of the non-verbal and spatial cues lost in typical single-view video conference systems -- like eye contact and deixis -- and improves the overall effectiveness of remote collaboration.


Three remote participants are gazing toward their right (viewer's left). Column 1 is the view from the left position, column 2, the center position, and column 3, the right position. The top row is what is seen from the respective positions with standard (non-directional) video conferencing. Notice that from all viewing positions, all remote participants appear to be gazing toward the left -- even the participant they are looking toward will perceive this -- demonstrating perspective invariance. The bottom row is what is seen using MultiView and shows appropriately changing perspectives.



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    * [email protected] (ppt)
    * A Japanese Translation of MultiView (pdf)
    * Poster (ppt)
    * Short Demonstration Video (mov | wmv)


    * David Nguyen - [email protected]
    * John Canny - [email protected]


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