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Panasonic Launches Two New Videoconferencing Endpoints

April 24, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Auckland, 24 April 2015 - Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific has introduced the latest additions to its High Definition Visual Communications (HDVC) System, a platform for multi-site, enterprise-grade video conferencing. The two new models, the base KX-VC-1300 and the enhanced KX-VC1600, enable a Full-HD video-communications experience across four or more sites, connecting businesses quite literally at the speed of light.


How a spinning chair made virtual reality feel more real

April 22, 2015 | Telepresence Options


When donning a VR headset, it's easy to be awestruck by whatever 3D world you find yourself in. It's a whole new medium that simply can't be replicated on a TV. Still, there are reasons the likes of Oculus and Sony aren't selling headsets to the masses just yet. While Samsung's Gear VR and other smartphone-powered headwear are filling the void, headsets that tap into the processing might of PCs and consoles will ultimately deliver the most immersive experiences. But, the technology isn't quite there yet. Stereoscopic 3D can be jarring, with complicated worlds often appearing slightly out of focus. Then there are issues like nausea that can strike when moving through virtual surroundings. Also, how we interact with virtual spaces will continue to evolve, moving beyond the gamepad and keyboard to more natural and hopefully intuitive methods of control.


MIT Prototype: NailO - A wearable thumbnail track pad

April 20, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Researchers at the MIT Media Laboratory are developing a new wearable device that turns the user's thumbnail into a miniature wireless track pad.

They envision that the technology could let users control wireless devices when their hands are full -- answering the phone while cooking, for instance. It could also augment other interfaces, allowing someone texting on a cellphone, say, to toggle between symbol sets without interrupting his or her typing. Finally, it could enable subtle communication in circumstances that require it, such as sending a quick text to a child while attending an important meeting.


A Video Camera that Powers Itself Using the Same Light that Delivered the Image

April 19, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Newswise -- New York, NY--April 15, 2015--A research team led by Shree K. Nayar, T.C. Chang Professor of Computer Science at Columbia Engineering, has invented a prototype video camera that is the first to be fully self-powered--it can produce an image each second, indefinitely, of a well-lit indoor scene. They designed a pixel that can not only measure incident light but also convert the incident light into electric power. The team is presenting its work at the International Conference on Computational Photography at Rice University in Houston, April 24 to 26.


Holograms for Freedom: Thousands join virtual demo against new protest law in Spain

April 16, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Protesters in Spain have come up with a novel way of taking on a new law that limits the rights of the public to take part in demonstrations. There was a large turnout, but nobody even came close to being arrested - because no one actually attended the protest. A number of holograms were projected outside Spanish parliament building, showing people across the globe, who are angry at the new so-called 'safety' law, which makes it illegal to protest outside government buildings, insult police officers or refuse to reveal identification documents.


Wainhouse Research Summit - Denver - May 27-29th

April 15, 2015 | Telepresence Options


On 27-29 May, 2015 we will gather to discuss the rapidly evolving Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) solution set, the disruptive nature of emerging UC&C technologies, workplace transformation, and how the cloud and new service platforms are impacting delivery of collaboration services.


New Swivl Update Lets Remote Students Control Robotic Telepresence

April 15, 2015 | Telepresence Options


A new element to a videoconferencing program will allow students in remote locations to participate in classroom activities, thanks to their ability to independently operate new remote control robotic functions.

Swivl has launched Swivl Cloud Live, which is designed to allow teachers to connect with chronically homebound students, planned absentees, distance learners and guest speakers or instructors. It is the second announcement of an enhancement by Swivl in the last week and the third in the last six months.


twinBot - remotely controlled telepresence robot

April 11, 2015 | Telepresence Options


What is the twinBot?

The twinBot is a remotely controlled telepresence robot that enables conversation to happen anywhere you want.


Skype Translator Preview adds Mandarin, the language of 1 billion people

April 8, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Skype Translator Preview, the multi-lingual video conferencing tool from Microsoft, has added what is arguably the world's most popular language: Mandarin Chinese.

Starting today, Skype Translator Preview, which is still in invite-only beta and only works on Windows 8.1 and above, can do real-time voice translations of Mandarin and Italian. As with the preview's previous language skills, Skype Translator can, in real time, translate spoken words from English to Mandarin and Mandarin to English, creating a near fluent conversation between two people who might otherwise not be able to communicate.


Digi-Capital predicts AR And VR spending To Hit $150 Billion in 2020 but forgets to break out conferencing & collaboration

April 8, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Digital consultancy Digi-Capital has put out a report predicting that the AR & VR markets will hit $150 billion by 2020 but judging by the report's Summary and Table of Contents, the report's authors seem to have completely missed VR & AR conferencing and collaboration which is odd since personal videoconferencing and webconferencing are such reliable, predicable and demonstrable capabilities that employers will pay good money for and whom future VR & AR conferencing & collaboration offerings are likely to spring. Here is a TechCrunch article summarizing the some of the report's predictions:


Microsoft's 'Spartan' browser that will replace Internet Explorer - Still no WebRTC

April 6, 2015 | Telepresence Options


BY MICHAEL MUCHMORE Microsoft first announced its new Spartan browser at a Windows 10 event earlier this year, with promises of greater speed, lighter resource usage, and a couple of nifty features like a reading mode and drawing on webpages. With Project Spartan, a very early pre-release version (v.0.1, actually) Microsoft is finally giving up on its Internet Explorer browser brand. The last few versions of IE made impressive strides in speed, new standards compatibility, and trim interface design. But the despised software just couldn't shake off the rep earned by its proprietary predecessors, especially the problematic IE6. Nonetheless, Internet Explorer is still the most widely used desktop Web browser, according to new U.S. government numbers.


Holographic Projection: Ahead of the Curve or Hipster Novelty?

March 29, 2015 | Telepresence Options


In show business, being dead has often been a viable career option. Just ask Elvis, Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix, all of whom still sell more records than many indie bands. In 2012, holographic technology upped the ante for dearly departed music stars when audiences at that year's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., were stunned by the reunion on stage of deceased rapper Tupac Shakur with the very alive Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.


Microsoft's Vision of Visual Collaboration in the Future

March 27, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Microsoft recently revealed its vision of the future through a video that explores how emerging technologies could shape the world in the next five to ten years. The video doesn't reveal any specifics regarding product development but it does show that the technology giant's vision of the future heavily relies on AV product development.


Interactive Intelligence PureCloud Collaboration Platform Launches

March 26, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Interactive Intelligence Group launched its latest cloud services for enterprise collaboration and communications.

The new PureCloud Collaborate and PureCloud Communicate services offer real-time enterprise collaboration tools, including such as searchable employee profile information, instant messaging, multi-user chat rooms, multi-party video conferencing, and desktop sharing.


Wainhouse Research's Ira Weinstein Interviews Array Telepresence @ Enterprise Connect 2015

March 23, 2015 | Telepresence Options


At Enterprise Connect 2015 Wainhouse Research's Ira Weinstein interviewed Array founder and CEO Herold Williams and company C2O Howard Lichtman on the debut of Array's new Equal-i DX Dual Camera Module and Image Processor that enable immersive telepresence in conventional conference rooms. The DX Camera and Image Processor use Equal-i Technology and plug into almost any videoconferencing codec (software or hardware) to improve the scene to a dual screen immersive telepresence experience. You can watch the interview below and read the Telepresence Options story on the debut here:


Jaw-dropping Magic Leap demo shows off our augmented future

March 22, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Google's multi-million dollar investment in augmented reality startup Magic Leap appears to be paying off if this demo reel is any indication. In it, the fledgling AR firm shows off what a year and half a billion dollars can accomplish. That includes productivity functions like being able to access both websites and desktop apps from airborne virtual icons. There's also the promise of an immersive shooter game using physical weapons as its controllers and the world around you as the environment. Do want.


Microsoft's Zig Serafin: Skype for Business is here... and this is only the beginning

March 20, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Enabling people to connect with one another is central to Microsoft's mission to reinvent productivity and help people make the most of every moment. For us, connecting people means delivering experiences capable of conveying all forms of human expression--verbal, written, visual and emotional. In today's modern workplace, productivity will increasingly be centered on conversations, whether in writing, in person, via phone or video conference call. People need communications tools that allow them to express themselves in the most natural and approachable way possible, and that work the way they do--fluidly across locations and devices.


UC Summit at Enterprise Connect: Calling for an Interoperability Rethink

March 17, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Get seven big vendors on the stage, and the talk is always going to get around to interoperability pretty quickly. That's generally been the case with the Monday UC Summit at Enterprise Connect, and this year was no exception -- though the conversation took a markedly new shape


Array Telepresence Debuts Immersive Telepresence Using Your Existing Videoconferencing System at Enterprise Connect

March 16, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Array Telepresence, a start-up telepresence solution provider is debuting a new system at Enterprise Connect that enables immersive telepresence in typical conference rooms using an organization's existing videoconferencing system. The Array DX Dual Camera Module and Array's Equal-i 2S Image Processor work together to dramatically improve the videoconferencing scene before handing it to either a hardware or software-based videoconferencing codec. The system brings the farthest participants "Up Close and Personal", "Equal-i-zes" the size of the farthest participants to the size of the closest participants, improves the eye-line, conceals the camera, improves the meeting format, and powers dual displays creating a wide-format view into the remote scene bringing in the eye's peripheral vision increasing the sense of immersion. The Equal-i 2S Image Processor combines both images from the dual headed DX Camera Module into a single video stream allowing a single videoconferencing codec to power dual displays. The Equal-i System is $13,995 upgrade if you already have a videoconferencing codec and goes on sale this month. The company is demonstrating the new system at Enterprise Connect Booth 1635.



The glove that transmits 'touch' over the internet

March 15, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Bieling, a researcher at the Design Lab in Berlin, has developed a glove kitted out with fabric pressure-sensors. By translating a tactile hand touch alphabet into digital text, the mobile glove could eliminate the necessity of hand-to-hand physical contact for deaf-blind communication. Even better, because a great deal of online communication is text-based, the glove could act as a translating device that allows people who are deaf-blind to communicate freely with anyone - and for anyone to communicate with them.

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