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Imago ScanSource to distribute Array Telepresence in Europe

May 21, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Imago ScanSource, the leading distributor of visual collaboration solutions in Europe has announced that they will be representing Array Telepresence in the UK and on the Continent. The Array DX Camera Module and Image Processor transform a standard videoconferencing codec into an immersive telepresence environment. Amongst the many visible improvements are better clarity of those participants sitting furthest from the camera. This is achieved by bringing the farthest participants "Up close and personal" using Array's proprietary image improvement algorithms running on the Array Equal-I 2S Image Processor increasing the pixel count on the farthest faces by 6.5 times that of a PTZ camera, and 'Equal-i-s' their size to the size of closer participants. The Array solution also improves vertical eye-line, the meeting format takes on an 'across the table' experience, stand-up capture is enabled, and it powers a dual-screen, wide-format display using a single videoconferencing codec with no impact on bandwidth. The $13,995 solution will be available to the leading systems integrators and pro-AV shops in Europe. The system will be demonstrated at the Imago Business Breakthrough event in London on Thursday, May 21st at the Brewery.


Video Conferencing Company Fuze Buys LiveMinutes, Raises $20M To Expand Into Team Collaboration

May 21, 2015 | Telepresence Options


San Francisco-based video conferencing company Fuze is expanding its platform today with the acquisition of an online team collaboration platform, LiveMinutes. With the addition, Fuze is no longer focused only on online meetings, but is now also rolling out a new product called Fuze Spaces which allows colleagues to chat, share and comment on files, organize projects, and more via a web-based dashboard.


Oculus Rift Hack Transfers Your Facial Expressions onto Your Avatar

May 20, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Virtual reality is set to get a vital dash of social reality.

Researchers at the University of Southern California and Facebook's Oculus division have demonstrated a way to track the facial expressions of someone wearing a virtual-reality headset and transfer them to a virtual character. That could make for much more rewarding socializing, work, or play in virtual worlds, because the expression of a virtual body double or otherworldly avatar could perfectly mimic that of a person's real face.


New Sex Toys Sync Up to Virtual Reality Porn

May 20, 2015 | Telepresence Options


YOU KNEW THIS was coming, even if you didn't want to believe it: A sex-toy company and a VR porn outfit are creating a way to enjoy synced-up virtual reality sex. And while virtual-reality headsets haven't yet hit the mainstream, Lovense and VirtualRealPorn hope their collaborative stroke of genius can thrust VR into the spotlight.


7 Questions for Oblong's John Underkoffler, the guy who designed Minority Report's Futuristic UIs

May 18, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Even if you don't know the name "John Underkoffler," you surely know his work. His gesture-based interface for Minority Report influenced the 13 years of of user interface and hardware innnovation that have followed.

But Minority Report's magical UI is only one of many products to come from both his his days at MIT and his LA studio Oblong. And his consistent quality is why he received a 2015 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for interaction design. In recognition of the win, Underkoffler agreed to go through our seven-question wringer.



Visual Collaboration People: AOL's Case Murphy & Friends Open a Comic Book Store

May 14, 2015 | Howard Lichtman

Comic_logic_Case_Murphy.jpgAOL's Case Murphy (Center) with co-owners Rob Kaylin (left) and co-owner/artist Kevin Bednarz (right)

It's not often that a localvore telepresence story pops up in Ashburn, Virgina - datacenter capital of the planet and home of Telepresence Options, but Case Murphy who runs visual collaboration and much of IT @ AOL just opened one heck of an amazing comic book store.Case is a "semi-silent" partner (anyone who knows Case knows it is impossible for him to be silent) and co-owners Kevin Bednarz, Rob Kaylin and Rich Gollhofer seem to be doing all the work while Case seems to be having all the fun.

Comic Logic which held its grand opening on April 25 features the usual comics and sci-fi of the average comic book store but one of the many unique differentators is the superb, original comic art of co-owner Kevin Bednarz. Bednarz's bold strokes, bold colors, and unique treatments leap off the walls.

Here is a photo collage of the grand opening which saw hundreds of comic book afficiandos waiting hours in line just to get into the store.


The real reason why holograms of dead comedians are so innovative

May 14, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Hologram pioneer Hologram USA -- the same people who gave us the Tupac Shakur hologram at Coachella in 2012 -- just announced its latest "digital resurrection" project: a new plan to bring dead stand-up comedians back to life using holograms. At a new Hologram Comedy Club being built as part of a new $18 million National Comedy Center in Jamestown, N.Y., tourists will have a chance to watch iconic comedy routines from some of the all-time comic greats -- such as George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield and Bob Hope -- in an intimate comedy club environment.


Polycom Launches Two New Videoconferencing Solutions for Small Groups and Huddle Rooms

May 14, 2015 | Telepresence Options


SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 12, 2015 - Dedicated to creating superior collaboration experiences in any workspace, Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM) today announced two new Polycom® RealPresence® Group Series video collaboration solutions that transform small workspaces into high-powered collaboration hubs. The emergence of huddle rooms--which Frost & Sullivan predicts will reach into the tens of millions by 2020 due to greater emphasis on open office spaces--has created demand for high-quality voice, video and content collaboration solutions specifically designed for these kinds of ad hoc meeting environments.


1:1 Craig Malloy, CEO, Lifesize

May 13, 2015 | Telepresence Options


I recently visited Lifesize's brand-spanking-new Austin offices to visit with Craig Malloy, whose role in the collaboration industry as a successful product manager and then entrepreneur needs little introduction (VTEL led to ViaVideo, which put Polycom on the video map, then he co-founded Lifesize, purchased by Logitech, then took over little start-up, social learning company Bloomfire and gave it some fire in its belly, and most recently returned to Lifesize in early 2014). Craig's been around long enough to know when you need to cannibalize your own product line to survive.


7 Collaboration Opportunities Beyond the Display

May 12, 2015 | Telepresence Options

AMX_conferencing _platform

In buzzword-afflicted tech, it's often difficult to arrive at clear-cut definitions. And when it comes to collaboration, there are as many definitions out there as there are companies developing collaborative solutions. But while we all have a slightly different explanation for what collaboration is, we seem to agree on what it's about: giving people access to the information they need so that they can do their jobs.


Mantaro launches MantaroBot™ TeleMe 2 and Microsoft Surface™ Pro 3 holder

May 7, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Mantaro is now shipping the new MantaroBot TeleMe 2 telepresence robot and offers a new holder for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12" tablet. The new Surface Pro 3 holder allows a powerful Microsoft Windows tablet computer to be used as the "head" of the TeleMe 2. The Surface Pro 3 holder comes standard with a USB 3.0 port that is extended from the side of the tablet to the bottom of the holder allowing USB peripherals and is ideal for educational settings.


PanaCast® 2 - World's First Panoramic-4K USB Camera that Delivers Video with Natural Human Perspective

May 4, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Altia Systems® announces the PanaCast® 2 video camera, the industry's first Panoramic-4K Plug-and-Play USB video camera. With its 180º wide, 54º tall field of view and Panoramic-4K resolution, PanaCast 2 is the first of its kind to achieve the human visual perspective, delivering an immersive and natural "being there" video experience that enables people to collaborate more effectively and improve productivity.

PanaCast 2 - Panoramic-4K Plug-and-Play USB Camera from Altia Systems on Vimeo.


Feelreal VR Mask and Nirvana helmet let gamers smell and feel the action

May 1, 2015 | Telepresence Options


In what could just as easily prove to be a very bad idea as it could a good one, a startup company called Feelreal has created a virtual reality mask and helmet that lets you smell virtual environments. The company claims its devices stimulate both the olfactory (smell) and tactile (touch) senses, thereby immersing you in virtual water mist or wind or a battlefield.


LiveLike Combines the Cameras of Today with the VR of Tomorrow

April 30, 2015 | Telepresence Options


While other companies are busy building 360 degree camera rigs and hoping for consumer adoption, VR startup LiveLike has a unique approach which uses existing broadcast camera tech in a surprisingly effective way to make you feel like you're in a luxury box with friends at your favorite sporting event.


Microsoft Demos Hololens-Augmented Telepresence Robot with Augmented Reality

April 30, 2015 | Telepresence Options


We've learned some amazing things about Microsoft's Windows Holographic platform since it was announced back in January. We know that NASA is using it to virtually explore Mars, and you can play Minecraft on your coffee table, and today we learned that the company will integrate all universal apps running on Windows 10 into the experience.


The New World of Whiteboards, From Smart Markers to Surface Hub

April 29, 2015 | Telepresence Options


The modern workspace would hardly have been recognizable 20 years ago: We've gone from hardwired phones to roaming telepresence robots, from static whiteboards to Internet-connected ones, and from sitting desks to workstations that let you walk in place -- all while pairing wirelessly with your many devices. This week's suite of Re/code Reviews are about our individual experiences with some of these new, cutting-edge solutions.


Highfive In-Room Video Use Growing Like Gangbusters

April 29, 2015 | Telepresence Options


As I've written previously, video conferencing is at a crossroads in the enterprise. While room system vendors are starting to deliver better quality and improved user experiences at sub-$1,000 prices, they're battling against a host of desktop and mobile video apps for attention


New Telepresence Robot Mimics Your Every Move Using the Oculus Rift

April 27, 2015 | Telepresence Options


A team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a physical-virtual interface (PVI) by combining the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and teleoperated robotics.


Stephen Hawking Plays the Sydney Opera House as a DVE/Cisco "Hologram"

April 27, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Stephen Hawking appeared at the Sydney Opera House to a crowd of 2000 using a custom implementation of Digital Video Enterprises Telepresence Stage display technology and Cisco's TelePresence videoconferencing endpoints and internetworking. Every news article misrepresents this as a hologram which technically is not as Dr. Hawking was being projected as a 2D image onto DVE's semi-transparent display medium but quite impressive just the same.


Panasonic Launches Two New Videoconferencing Endpoints

April 24, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Auckland, 24 April 2015 - Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific has introduced the latest additions to its High Definition Visual Communications (HDVC) System, a platform for multi-site, enterprise-grade video conferencing. The two new models, the base KX-VC-1300 and the enhanced KX-VC1600, enable a Full-HD video-communications experience across four or more sites, connecting businesses quite literally at the speed of light.

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